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RT Builders

We are the leading building specialists in London. Using our bespoke process we will help ‘build you a better living space’.

Our extensive building experience allows us to offer the following services:
-New builds
-Loft conversions
-General building and renovation

Top level service

Each project will be managed using highly intuitive management software, that allows the client to receive a very personal service, keeping them well informed and up to date throughout the planning process and the entirety of the building works.

At RT Builders & Decorators, Ltd we work with sub-contractors and tradespeople who uphold the highest standards drawn from their extensive experience. Whether a loft conversion or a wrap-around extension, we always have the right time for your project. 

Rest assured all the works are fully insured and guaranteed and that you will be working with the best in the industry!

Building works

RT Builders & Decorators Limited can help our customers to build their dream house by having the ability to work with any architect to meet individual requirements, using innovation and customized designs. This allows RT Builders and Decorators to proudly create every project as special and unique as our customer. 

Extensions, Lofts

Moving to a larger property certainly costs more than creating and maximizing a new space in your existing property. At a time when space is at a premium, most have a dream to claim a house for themselves; that is aesthetically appealing yet simultaneously practical. Coherence between inside and outside is a growing necessity for contemporary living.

Full Renovations

To create a unique living space we encourage our clients to design a home based on their habits, preferences and wishes.
Houses don't need to be boring, from design to installation small or big, family essentials or city living luxury or functional, we have done every type of build. 


With the Kitchen being such a high activity area of the house, it needs to be able to take a beating, the layout needs to work well around the family, your cooking habits and kitchen’s decor must work harmoniously with dining and relaxing areas - perfecting your kitchen design is a big and exciting job.


Bathrooms don’t need to be boring, from design to installation for your new bath, toilet, basin, showers & accessories RT Builders & Decorators have the experience and the knowledge to create unique bathrooms. 


After a hard day's work, when it’s finally time to relax there are not many places to do so like a private sanctuary in the city - no matter the size, by yourself or with family or friends, a good garden will provide shelter on those rainy days or give you some privacy to catch the summer.

How we work

At RT Builders & Decorators, Ltd we always strive to meet your expectations.

We understand that starting any building project can be a daunting task, especially when it involves your home. It can be emotionally draining and time-consuming to attempt to deal with, and navigate architects, structural engineers, surveyor’s, building control, etc.

We have created a clear and easy to navigate guide that will explain the process from start to finish.
Regardless of if you just have a seedling of an idea or are ready and keen to start, RT Builders & Decorators, Ltd will address any worries you may have.

After going through the guide, get in touch to discover what we do differently – we will be happy to get to know you and your project!

Assessment – Estimate – Build

RT Builders & Decorators, Ltd operates to a strict Code of Practice that includes insurance, good health & safety practices, and customer care, operating to Government Endorsed Standards.

Ensuring excellent customer service, you can be confident that you are dealing with a professional company that listens to our customer’s needs from start to finish. 

Code of Conduct

Any job undertaken by RT Builders & Decorators, Ltd will be to a high standard; in thoroughness and neatness to make a good and lasting end product.Each job is to be completed with the highest quality materials available, within the given budget.
RT Builders & Decorators, Ltd will comply with all regulations regarding health and safety onsite at all times. 

Expert advise

RT Builders & Decorators, Ltd will always offer expert advice and recommendations before work commences or materials bought. 


RT Builders & Decorators, Ltd staff will be polite and courteous at all times, ensuring a good working relationship between R T Builders & Decorators, Ltd and the client.

Final Pricing

Whether quoted on a day basis or finished job basis, the final price quoted
by RT Builders & Decorators, Ltd will be the final price. The cost of any extra work must be agreed with the client before commencement.


Any quote given will be fair, reasonable and competitive, both to the client and
RT Builders & Decorators, Ltd.


Throughout the duration of the project, RT Builders & Decorators, Ltd will endeavor to keep the job site as clean and as tidy as possible, leaving the site in a reasonable condition after each day’s work. 


RT Builders & Decorators, Ltd will do everything reasonably possible to keep any inconveniences to the client at an absolute minimum throughout the project. 


RT Builders & Decorators, Ltd will keep the client informed as much as possible and ensure open communication on a regular basis.

Time keeper

The client will be informed as accurately as possible when a project can be completed. To this end, RT Builders & Decorators, Ltd must complete the work in the time specified.


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Customer Online Access

Our simple online system makes it possible to access your project from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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